3 Ways to Write Sales Emails You Feel GOOD About

Kristen Westcott
5 min readJul 15, 2022


When it comes to writing sales emails, it’s very easy to get caught up in our own heads!

It’s easy to overthink what you need to say and how to best say it.

Then on top of that, you start thinking about how to make it convert and focusing on how to get people to click!

The fear of low open rates or click-through rates can be paralyzing and before you know it … you haven’t written anything at all!

So let’s stop that from happening! I’m going to share with you the best ways to write sales emails that feel good to you and help you get writing!

P.S look out for some actionable tips at the end!


All it takes is a quick scroll through Instagram to see 17 different ways you can increase your click-through rate, 6 things you ‘must’ do when writing sales emails or ‘the best way’ to structure your sales email.

But I want you to ignore all of that for a second.

Throw out the formulas you’ve read about, step away from the templates and put the sales email rule book back on the shelf.

Sit down at your laptop and just write from your heart! Think about what you want to say in the email and what you think your audience needs to hear at that moment!

Because if you’re really stuck on what to write or how to start — remove the pressure of having to write an email that fits perfectly with a template or uses a specific call to action and just write what feels right to you!

After all, you can always edit and fine-tune later, but writing from your heart is the best way to start writing!


When writing your sales emails, try not to focus on what people will get from your offering (you know, the physical elements like the 3 calls, Voxer support and a detailed course with 10 lessons and modules).

I know that sounds a bit backwards because of course you need to tell them what they would be getting from you, but it should not be your main focus.

Instead, focus on telling the story of why you created the offer in the first place. Think about what led you to this point!

Most of us are teaching what we know or have experienced, so pull out a couple of those stories and don’t be afraid to take a few emails to walk us through them.

Just let your reader know when the next one is coming- open the loop and you’ll naturally start to create intrigue in what you’re saying and offering! (we all love a good series — that’s one of the reasons why Netflix does so well!)

This also helps you share the transformation and advertise your offering in the same way it would when writing conversion copy, but it does it in a way that truly helps the reader understand that you’ve been there, you know what you’re doing and you have the expertise to help. It creates authority and credibility without manufacturing it!

Plus, if the reader has been through something similar, then they’ll relate to you (which is a big bonus!!).

Ultimately, human connection is what is going to drive sales. Having them invest in you and resonate with your story on some level is more important than anything else. They need to know that you see them as a person, someone who is looking for connection, not just a number in a course.

Also, writing in this way means we start to turn away from any bro marketing tactics…which leads me nicely to my next point!


We are not about bro-marketing tactics over here! They just make us (and many others) feel icky.

So my advice is to keep them farrrr away from your emails and like we’ve already mentioned, keep it genuine!

Don’t try to fill your emails with different emotional triggers that essentially force people to buy due to systemic oppression they’ve faced (yes I’m looking at your false scarcity!!).

Things like over-exaggerating the benefits, making false promises, or just saying whatever you need to make someone buy are just not the way forward when it comes to writing sales emails. But speaking from your heart, sharing your journey, and encouraging others, definitely is!

And please for the love of all things let’s stop saying “this is the only time I’ll be offering this” (really? You built a business that requires you to constantly create new things to sell one time only?). With the exception of retreats or one-off workshops, we know that that big course, mastermind, or group program you’ve poured hours into creating isn’t only going to be available this one time!


So, if you’re still wondering about the best ways to start writing, here are my top tips to help you write emails that feel good!

First of all, stop thinking about it being a sales email and just write! Treat it like a conversation. Remember — unlike social media posts, emails offer a direct way for you to talk to the recipient. So treat it like you are sending a normal email or are speaking directly to them!

Remember back in the day, before you were an online business owner, when you used to use email to have a conversation with one or two other people? Try getting back into that frame of mind. Write your email like you’re conversing with someone in particular, someone you know personally.

If you still can’t find the words, get on a call with someone you know, hit record and just talk about your new offer! Discuss why you created it, what’s involved and why you’re excited about it. Then listen back and write down anything significant that you think your audience will want to hear!

(Thanks to my biz besties who have been there and listened to me talk through ideas on numerous occasions)

Just remember that it is genuine connection that is going to help your emails convert. So don’t get caught up in specifically writing conversion emails. Instead, focus on sharing your story because this is what will make people more invested in you and what you have to offer!

My final tip is to remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself! So if you’re really stuck, or you just don’t want to do it (because that’s completely fine too!), hire a copywriter to write them for you. And if you’d like my help specifically, book a call and we can whip you up some sales emails that convert but feel good at the same time!


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