5 Things I Always Do To Write The Best Sale Page Possible

Kristen Westcott
6 min readJul 5, 2022


Sales pages are my jam and since I’ve written quite a few in my time, I know what works and what doesn’t!

This means I know exactly what you need to be doing both before you sit down to write one and after. So today I’m going to share with you the top 5 things I always make sure to do when writing a sales page.


Probably one of the most important things you can do when writing a sales page is to speak the language of the people you’re writing the sales page for. Your target audience needs to be in your mind at all times and this includes before you even start writing a sales page!

Before I even sit down to write a sales page, I do extensive research on the ideal client. My goal is to find out as much as I can about them so I can write a sales page that they really relate to and that helps them feel understood. So my biggest piece of advice to you, if you’re writing your own sales page, is to get researching!

First of all, you want to identify who your ideal client is and look at the pain points that they’re experiencing (you should already have some idea of the pain points they are experiencing because your offer should be designed to help them overcome them!).

You also need to look at how they speak so you can make sure that the way you’re speaking to them is relatable and understandable. You can do this by looking at past reviews from previous clients, looking at how they speak when they write or even looking at the conversations you’ve had with them in your DMs. All of these places are great for really looking at the language your ideal client uses so you can utilize them when you write your sales page.

A note about pain points. Unlike other copywriting philosophies, I do not recommend using these pain points to really agitate your client. You just want to understand where they’re coming from what they’re feeling so you can connect with them >> not use their pain as a way to convince them to buy your stuff! Because that’s just wrong on so many levels.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: don’t forget to include elements of your personality in your sales pages!

Whenever I write a sales page, I always dive deep into my client’s story to be able to bring in and incorporate elements of their personality into the sales page.

Doing this and bringing in those elements of your personality is super important because it helps people relate to you and form connections. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to read a dry or boring sales page!

I’ve already written a blog all about how you can include more personality in your sales page (which you can read here) but one of my biggest tips is to tap into your uniqueness and use this to identify your tone of voice!

Your tone of voice can act as the overarching guide that helps your copy to not only be consistent but to make it identifiable as yours. The best way to do this? Find something you love and work on building into your copy! For example, I love the beach and the sea and I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid! (oh how I wish I could breathe under water). So if you see me making any beach or mermaid references that’s why!


Sales pages and social proof go together like mermaids and seashell bras!

But I get it…it can feel a bit awkward putting up testimonials of people singing your praises but it is instrumental in helping you make sales! I mean think about it…if you were reading a sales page with social proof or without social proof which one are you more likely to trust? Exactly!

So social proof is a must!

BUT, you can’t just dump all of your social proof at the end of the sales page (like I see a lot of people doing).

Whenever I write a sales page, I make sure to use social proof to back up the arguments I’m making as I write the page!

This helps to actively reinforce the points you’re making to the readers as they go through, giving more credibility to your claims and showing them you really can do what you say you can!


When writing a sales page, it’s really important to keep a one-track mind. What I mean by this is you need to pick one goal for your sales page and stick to it!

I’m specifically talking about making sure you’re only talking about one offer on your sales page and keeping this in mind throughout! Ultimately, you want to make sure the sales page is clear and your call to action is really concise (and if you want more tips on how to make sure your course action actually converts click here to read my last blog on how to make sure your ctas aren’t costing you money).

You also want to ensure that you’re writing for that one target audience we established earlier and focus on selling that one offer to them that is going to help them overcome their pain points the most!


The final thing I always make sure I do when writing a sales page is take my readers on a journey.

To do this, you want to make sure you’re not talking about the same pain point over and over again. Personally, I like to focus on writing conscious copy and not socially triggering people into buying. So rather than having a focus purely on the pain points and how bad of a situation someone is in, focus on taking them through these pain points.

Explain to them where they’re at now and their position but make sure you talk about how other people are in the same position too. Make sure to keep the blame off them as well, I often bring in how the society we live in impacts, everyone. Our current situation is a reflection of what’s going on around us (in our homes, locally, and globally). We are not alone in what we’re experiencing, it’s part of a collective — so don’t make the individual feel like it’s their fault they’re feeling the pain they are.

Then you can start to talk about how they can overcome these pain points and how they don’t have to stay in the position they’re in. This is where you can introduce your offer and start talking about how it can help them and take them on a journey.

If it helps, you can always imagine that they’ve already brought your offer and you’re telling the story of how their lives transformed from one thing into another because they brought your offer!

And if you want to know a little bit more about conscious copy and movement marketing, click here to read my other blogs.

Good luck! And remember, if you need any help getting your sales page written, I’m always here to chat about the possibility of a VIP day! You can book a call here.


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