6 Big Differences Between A Live Launch Sales Page And An Evergreen Sales Page

Kristen Westcott
8 min readJun 13, 2022


When you sit down to write a sales page, you might need to make a few adjustments depending on whether you’re writing it as part of a live launch or as an evergreen sales funnel!

So what are these adjustments? Well, that’s what I’m about to break down in this blog!

But let’s go back to basics for just a quick second!


Essentially, an evergreen sale is when you make your service/course/anything you’re offering, available to buy/enroll all year round!

Imagine it a bit like an evergreen tree…their leaves stay green all year long and the same applies to your offer. It stays all year available to purchase all year long!

So unlike a traditional launch, there is no open cart and close cart deadlines, no program starting or ending date, no big lead up to the launching date and less direct scarcity.

Naturally, this means there will be a few changes you need to make when writing a sales page for one, so let’s jump in!


Social proof is a fairly instrumental part of any sales page because it acts as evidence to potential buyers, showing them that what you’re offering is genuine and effective! And you’re likely already using this in all your content — social posts, emails, website, landing pages, etc … (if not, we gotta chat!).

You will use social proof on a live launch sales page, however, with the excitement of a live launch, there are other ways to grab people’s attention and persuade them to buy.

With an evergreen sales structure, you won’t always be actively promoting. Because of this, you need to make sure there is lots of social proof on your sales page. And I don’t just mean a few testimonials at the bottom! Spead it out and use it throughout your sales page to back up any points you’re making.

And remember…if you’re selling an offer all year round, update the testimonials as they come in (or add to them!). Bonus points if you can get someone of notoriety in your niche to give you a testimonial after working with you/ buying your product (think influencers, podcasters or coaches. Anyone your potential client might recognize!).

Make sure to showcase testimonials of various wins (not just that one student who hit it out of the park). Let your readers see a variety of possibilities for them — the big and little things — the things that most of your students are achieving (and not just the testimonial from that top 1% who are doing amazing, but don’t necessarily reflect the typical results of your program).


When writing a sales page for an evergreen sales funnel, there needs to be a shift in the urgency threaded through it. But that might not make much sense so let’s break it down!

Usually, in live launches, there are external deadlines placed on your client (such as limited spots or a countdown for doors closing, that sort of thing). I’m talking about real urgency here (not fake urgency often used by bro-marketers.)

In an evergreen model, there is a technology that has the ability to make it appear is if your offer is live and has some urgency. Now, I’m not a big fan of using deadline funnels (or tech like it), but no judgment if that’s your jam…seriously, that’s your tech headache!! My advice is always to do what works best for you and your business needs.

But when you are using an evergreen sales funnel (without that magic tech above), that sense of external urgency (like the closing doors countdown) is removed because it will be available all year round. As a result, the urgency becomes an internal thing for your potential client.


The urgency they feel towards needing to buy is no longer automatically created because there isn’t a timer involved. A deadline that they have to make their decision. Instead, it comes from the client’s internal drive to find a solution to the challenge they’re facing. So it’s your job when creating the sales page to let them know why now is the time for them to address this issue they’ve been facing how your offer will help solve those problems! You can create a sense of urgency but showing them all the benefits of your offer and how it can help them move towards what they desire, faster!

And remember: you can’t use a countdown/deadline timer on an evergreen sale when the deadline doesn’t exist! (yuck!)

However, even if it is an evergreen sale…there can be elements of scarcity, which is different from the urgency we just spoke about which leads me nicely to my next point!


Although there might be an altered sense of urgency when you write an evergreen sales page, some evergreen programmes may have an element of scarcity to them.

For example, if you only enroll quarterly or only take on a certain number of intakes each month to ensure a high-end onboarding and support process this can create an element of scarcity in an evergreen offer. However, you can only use scarcity language and tactics IF it’s real (like in the examples above).

What you can’t do is say you’re only taking 5 new people and then taking a lot more — so make sure to avoid doing this! When you use fake scarcity it damages your brand reputation and impacts your long-term relationships with your customers. Plus it feels like that sleazy used car salesman that we all want to avoid — it’s just gross!


What comes after the sales page in your evergreen funnel might be different from what comes next in a live launch. This is likely to depend on whether you have a high-ticket or a lower-priced offer (so make sure to think about what comes next before you start writing!).

If you have a higher ticket offer, you might have an application form or screening tool for people to fill out. But if it’s a lower price with less commitment, the sales page might lead straight to the payment page.

And does it end there? What’s next for them? Make sure you fully map out the process that comes after they take action. How will your onboarding be different for evergreen vs a live launch. Make sure that all your assets shift to reflect the difference between a launch and an evergreen offer.


With live launches, there is a lot of content all at once being put out into the online space and this will often involve you talking about your offer and being very present (think video, lots of video whether it’s a Facebook Live, Instagram stories, or a webinar/masterclass).

However, when it comes to an evergreen sales funnel, the likelihood is that you aren’t going to be talking about it all the time! While you will need to promote the offer regularly, there will definitely be less live video happening.

So it’s really important to get your personality across on the sales page to help people relate to you and better connect with your offer! People buy from those they trust and have something in common with, so make sure you’re showing your true self, the real you (goofy, quirky, beautiful you!).

A great way to do this is by using video on your sales pages so you can speak directly to your audience!

(and if you want some more tips on how to add personality to your sales page, then check out my previous blog which is filled with lots of helpful advice!)


When you have an evergreen offer, you may or may not have live support that accompanies it. But you still need people to feel supported and understand how they’ll continue to be supported if they buy into your offer (especially if your offer isn’t live and contains videos).

I’m not saying you need to offer a certain type of support in evergreen offers, but you need to be clear on your sales page what is included. Is it recordings of the past live calls (vs live calls), a monthly call inside the Facebook group, or will you be going live weekly to answer questions. It doesn’t matter — just make sure it’s clear on the sales page.

If you are using a team to help you deliver your evergreen offer, be sure to make it clear who will be supporting them. One of my pet peeves is paying a high-ticket price to work with someone only to find out after I’ve enrolled that their team is doing over 90% of the client interaction. I’d rather know up front who I will be working with so I can make a decision about whether that program is the right fit for me.

As I said earlier, people want to connect so you’ll need to reassure them on your sales page that they will have support from you (in whatever way that is!).

The most important step out of all of this is to just take a second before you start writing to really plan out where this evergreen sales page fits in your funnel and ask yourself if you were buying this offer, what would you need to read to make a decision about the offer and be really excited to click buy?

If you want to level up your sales page planning game then you can download my sales page sanity saver here! Whether you’re live launching or creating a page for an evergreen offer, you’ll need to work through the same elements before crafting that copy.

Also, remember, writing the perfect sales page doesn’t have to fall solely on your shoulders…That’s why copywriters exist! So if you’d like some extra help or just someone to take it off your plate completely, then get in touch because I would love to help!


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