How To Set Up An Evergreen Sales Funnel And The Benefits Of Launching One



  1. Your traditional sales page format will need to change. This is simply because there are features of a traditional launch model sales page that aren’t relevant in an evergreen one. The most significant being there is no sense of urgency or scarcity. So remove any countdowns or scarcity language! (To read more about the differences between normal live launch sales pages and evergreen ones, read my previous blog!)
  2. You will need to analyze your data regularly. This is really important so you know where your clients are coming from, the journey they are taking and at what point they decide to work with you. Analyzing this data allows you to adjust as you need! (some people will be on your email list for a year before they decide to buy — but this way when they’re ready you have something for them).
  3. Make sure you have year-round customer support. If your evergreen funnel is bringing in clients all year round, that means people are going to have questions all year round! So make sure you can accommodate this.
  4. If your offer is a course or program, you’ll have to design any support so it can easily assist people at various stages of it (the same principle applies from the point above!). No one wants to feel like the new kid on the block, or like they walked into the middle of a conversation, so make sure your support allows for questions at all stages of your offer.
  5. Marketing and lead generation to your funnel will become a top priority. So although you won’t be stuck in a repetitive and draining launch cycle, you will have to maintain your evergreen one. However, you can just re-use the launch copy you created at the beginning and run things like your launch emails (especially if they are written well) every 6 months alongside some Instagram posts and stories! Because you never know, people who went through your funnel 6 months ago, might now be ready to buy!
  6. You might need to invest in paid traffic if you want to continue scaling the program. Naturally, after a while, you might need to use paid promotion to reach different and wider audiences. OR you will need to have other organic promotional strategies in place (podcast guesting, speaking at summits, etc.) to get in front of new people and grow your email list.




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Kristen Westcott

Kristen Westcott

I help online coaches, OBMs & other service providers get aligned with their business vision and sell their offers without using shame-based marketing tactics.