The Differences Between Writing A Non-fiction Book And Copy Needed To Promote It



  • How you use storytelling. When you write a book, you focus on storytelling and use this to pull people into the story and bond with the characters and their journey (even if that character is you and what you have to say). Now although copywriting utilizes storytelling too, the way it’s used is very different. Because it’s not entirely driven by a narrative. Instead, the purpose is to move people towards the goal (like saying yes to your offer or buying your book) and is often more about them instead of the characters (or you in this instance).
  • Clarity. This is a big one. When copywriting, less is always more! You want to use as less words as possible and generally speaking, fluff (or unnecessary background) doesn’t need to be included! But when writing a book, adding extra details and context is often needed (and appreciated by your reader).
  • Calls to action. When you finish a chapter of your book, the goal is to keep the reader, reading! We want to get them to the end of the book. But when copywriting, calls to action need to be strong and motivate the reader to take action straight away. They need to be clear, concise, enticing, and easy for the reader to achieve.
  • Overall goals. When you write a book, the big goal is usually to do one of three things: To entertain, to inform or to inspire. When writing copy, the goal is predominantly one of two things: To market or to sell. And yes, you need to sell that book if you want to generate money from all the work you put in! Unfortunately, books don’t sell themselves! But don’t worry, it is possible to sell without sounding salesy, cliche or by using clickbait headlines!!
  • Energy. When it comes to copywriting versus writing a book, your internal energy is like to be very different. Book writing can be very exciting it can happen at a bit of a slower pace. Generally, feeling very fulfilling throughout the process. However, when it comes to copywriting there are deadlines you have to meet and there can be a lot of pressure for what you write to convert. Naturally, this can cause some differences in how you feel when you write marketing copy and also how you write it.
  • Knowledge. ​​The type of knowledge you need to write a book versus writing marketing copy is also very different. When you write a book you know your story and you know a lot of the information you’re going to include. However, with copywriting you need a variety of different bits of knowledge. Such as how to write conversion copy, SEO, headline strategy, buyer personas, and so much more.



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Kristen Westcott

Kristen Westcott

I help online coaches, OBMs & other service providers get aligned with their business vision and sell their offers without using shame-based marketing tactics.